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Conversations with Women Leaders in Vietnam

March 12, 2015
the 2 authors (on the right) with 2 woman leaders

the 2 authors (on the right) with 2 woman leaders

I’ve been spending my last few months doing one of the most interesting and inspiring things I’ve ever done: I’ve been interviewing woman leaders in Vietnam for an upcoming book.

This is the first ever book focused on Vietnam’s women leaders and female leadership in Viet Nam.

At a time when Viet Nam is changing rapidly, and finding its place on the world stage, the book will appeal to both a domestic and an international audience.

In depth conversations with about 20 woman leaders in Vietnam will allow them to tell their own stories – their proudest and most challenging moments, what moves and motivates them, as well as learnings they’d like to share with others who will follow.

We will examine these stories through both Vietnamese and Western eyes, aiming to provide new insights into what it means to be a leading woman in Viet Nam in the 21st century.

Their stories will celebrate women’s achievements, and inspire, move other women into action to realize their dreams and ambitions.

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