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Viet Nam – Three Surprising Facts

September 28, 2013

DSCN2708  I wanted to share with you three surprising facts about Viet Nam, my home for the past year.   It’s a fascinating place!

  1. Viet Nam is Facebook’s fastest growing market in the world.  More than 60% of Viet Nam’s more than 30 million internet users have Facebook accounts.
  2. Viet Nam is on track to export US$20 billion worth of smartphones in 2013, making it Viet Nam’s single largest export.   Over 50% of Samsung’s smartphone production is now taking place in Viet Nam.
  3. Viet Nam’s economy has been one of the fast growing economies in the world over the past 20 years:  GDP per capita has increased by a remarkable 1500% during that time.

Why am I sharing these facts with you?  It’s because often our stereotypes or assumptions about other countries and cultures, particularly those in the emerging world, can be a bit quaint and outdated.

So, it pays to check our assumptions – not least when we are looking to do business across cultures.

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