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Turning cultural diversity into business advantage

June 15, 2011

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to write and talk about a topic that I really care about: how to tap into New Zealand’s culturally diverse workforce.

In the current issue of the Human Resources Magazine (June/July 2011), I’ve published an article entitled ‘Turning cultural diversity into business advantage’.

There I look at the major cultural shifts taking place in New Zealand society and business, and how this is likely to affect the way in which business operates, both in NZ and overseas.   By turning cultural differences to its advantage, New Zealand business has an opportunity to enhance competitiveness, productivity and innovation.

My vision is that NZ can be a model in the world, where we have turned cultural diversity to business advantage; where we have shown that relating to people from different cultural backgrounds results in vibrant, more productive work places; where we have learned to tap into our domestic diverse talents and play to those strengths, which enables us in turn to better forge sustainable business relationships in key offshore markets.

On 9 August, my colleague Sue and I will speak on the same topic at the National Conference of the HR Institute of New Zealand: ‘Workplace Culture in a Tiny Country’.

Come along to hear our presentation!

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