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An interculturalist’s world

March 30, 2010

What’s been happening in my intercultural world lately?

  1. I went to a workshop on the upcoming Shanghai Expo organized by the Wellington, NZ, City Council – and got really excited!

All New Zealanders and all non-New Zealanders – have a look at the NZ Pavilion.  It’s truly beautiful, a great representation of New Zealand as a country, and in addition, if you are a NZ business person you can use it to host your Chinese business partners there and show them a slice of New Zealand.            I’ll be inviting my Chinese associate to the Expo.

2.     I’m working on a course for New Zealand exporters, and naturally I pick up on everything “exporter” related. This week it was a statement by Al Monro, CE of Next Window at the New Zealand-Australia Investment Forum, saying that “New Zealand exporter branding sends the wrong message”.  According to him it was “important that NZ start-ups see themselves as global companies.

I must say I agree with him. It’s worth re-considering your positioning and how this may be perceived by people outside of NZ: to the rest of the world, Monro said, “it sounds pretty naff” describing yourself as an exporter, rather than as a company doing business internationally.

3.    My favourite event by was a reading with the Chinese author Xinran I went to in Christchurch, NZ,  two weeks ago.

If you’re not familiar with her work, google her!  Xinran is a Chinese journalist who now lives in London and has published a number of books.  I consider her a true “interculturalist” – a bridge builder between China and other countries, and especially between us and the many Chinese whose voices are not heard in a world obsessed by the numbers of the Chinese market only.

What’s been happening in your world lately?

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